Friday, August 11, 2006


hokay so first i was like who should i do for my artist...then i was like oh ill do andy goldsworthy cause he makes sweet stuff of of rocks and shit. but then i was like wait no jackson pollock is way cooler. he totally used to do academic paintings like surrealist stuff and junk, but then after a while he was just like "fuck you im just gonna throw paint around" and he started painting on canvases on the ground by splashing paint around and dripping it and junk. lots of people thought his paintings were dumb, but they're awesome. to top his entire career off he became a raging alcoholic and died by driving his car into a tree at high rates of speed while entoxicated. in said crash one of the passengers died and his girlfriend survived. basically i like pollock because he broke out of the mold. most artists at that time had a really concrete subject and painted more or less carefully, but pollock just threw paint around a canvas and managed to make paintings that look cool.


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