Thursday, July 27, 2006

art? why or why not?


Open Discussion - Week One

Introduce yourself here, and add your comments about today. Once you're a "team member," you can start new posts and upload pictures. You can also start your own blog or webpage to host your art (better than using mySpace, you'll be taken more seriously).

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Reflections of Naqoyqatsi

NAQOYQATSI: A film by: Godfrey Reggio, Philip Glass, Ron Fricke, George Meyer

The third installment of the "Qatsi trilogy" -- Koyaaniasqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi, this film presents us with "life as war," -- the technological condition we are living in.

Now that you have seen the film, what are your thoughts?

  • What are the filmmakers saying about the human condition? Technology? Culture?
  • How do they use iconic imagery to express their point of view?
  • We are living in technological times, what does that mean to artists? To humankind in general?
  • What do the filmmakers mean when declaring that we are living “life as war?”
  • The film uses a lot of stock footage enhanced with CGI effects. Does this treatment of images change their meanings? Is it effective?
Add your comments about this film to this post.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Welcome to Issues and Images, 2006

What is art?
Why do we make art?
What is the role of the artist in the 21st century?
Why do we ask these questions?
How can our search for answers challenge and nourish us?
Creatively? Spiritually? Intellectually? Physically?
Why do we need art?
Why do you need art?
Can art affect change?

We will explore these questions together through discussions, journaling and collecting. Through collaborative projects, art games, research, by sharing our ideas, and through looking at art and listening to artists, we’ll consider these questions and begin developing an artist’s view of the world.


Wall collage/text poem. Add your ideas and thoughts to these guiding questions on the wall scroll. How will your ideas change during the next 4 weeks? Add to your thoughts and reflect and respond to others. Add “words,” from the pile, or your own. Make connections, collage, draw and paint. Keep returning to and adding to the wall. This collaborative scroll will be included in the final exhibit.

Journals. Each student should keep a sketchbook/journal during the four weeks of Summer Studios. In addition to your personal notes, also plan on creating a journal that you will share the content of. This can take the form of an artist book you make, copies of pages from your personal journals, sketches, paintings, cartoons, doodles and notes, weblog entries, slide shows, collages or a combination of all or any of these things.

Weblog. We’ll be meeting in the computer labs throughout the course. Each section of Issues and Images has its own weblog. Ours is: http:// We’ll use this Internet resource to share ideas and reflect on the class. Each student will create a private account so they can comment and add to the weblog. We’ll also use the labs to explore new media, check out online resources, and view slide shows of art and interviews with artists.

Research A love of research and an inquisitive mind are powerful tools for the artist. What artists’ styles do you like? Why? Choose an artist that inspires you. Throughout the course, you’ll have opportunities to research this artist. Keep this research in your journal, add it to the wall and weblog, gather images of this artist’s work and share them.

Collecting We’ll discuss the Artist as collector and the Collector as artist. Artists distill what they see and think about. This process becomes part of their art practice, their way of making art. They may focus on a single subject, or restricted media choice. Art can also take the form of collecting. Collectors categorize and fetishize. They observe, track and make precious, things that other’s may not even see. Artists and Collectors capture time and the moment.

Collaborative Art Games We’ll explore art movements such as DaDa, Surrealism, Agit-Prop, Performance Art and Fluxus and indulge in some collaborative artmaking.

Each student must attend all classes and participate in all class exercises and discussions. Participation may take various forms, but active engagement with the course at all times is expected from everyone.